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About Me

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My interest in hypnotherapy started in my early 20’s when I came across a life changing book by Michael Newton, Journey of souls (highly recommend!). This awoke me to the power of hypnosis in helping gain access to the deeper parts of the mind that can then be dialogued with to facilitate healing and change.


I trained and qualified in 2016/2017, with further training and qualification in 2019/2020 in the award-winning RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) which is pioneered by the exceptional therapist and one of my mentors Marisa Peer. My love for hypnotherapy and studying the mind and how best to work with it to get the life we desire, grows and grows with each client that I see and witness the positive changes it makes in their lives. 


I have used and I continue to use hypnotherapy as my main coping strategy in life. It’s helped me get over my fear of public speaking, take control of the negative self-talk that is inherent in our minds, quit smoking and have the courage to live the life I truly desire. I’m on a mission to become the best version of myself, following my own internal compass and living the best life I can, not held back by fear (false experiences appearing real!) and I can help you do that too, the possibilities are endless! 


If there is something in your life holding you back from living your best life, why not make a simple change today? 


Thank you

Corinne Henderson (GHR Registration No. 8144)

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