How much will it cost?

£95 first session, and £85 for any additional sessions. The first session is a blend of RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) pioneered by the award winning hypnotherapist Marisa Peer along with other hypnotic techniques as appropriate dependant on the client and the presenting problem. The first session fee covers the initially consultation, the session, a personal recording to take home and a follow up call. Additional sessions include the session, a new personal recording and the introduction to other empowering practices through a series of mini videos that will aid in accelerating the desired change.

How Many Sessions will I need?

The award-winning RTT Therapy which I would typically use in the first session uses regression as one of it's main tool to uncover and bring to light the real root cause of the presenting symptoms. This can be extremely powerful for many clients and some experience rapid change within 1 session. However, I have found in most instances that the mind needs time to fully integrate the new beliefs, habits, lessons and concepts, and even for the many clients who experience major change from the first session I've found that 2-3 additional sessions really cement in and strengthen this change. So typically 2-4 sessions.

What is included in a session and how long will it last?

Pre-First Session Consultation approx 20 minutes on zoom or phone whichever you prefer. Access to a 20 mintute hypnotic relaxation recording to listen to in the run up to your first session. Session 1 The first session typically lasts 1.5 to 2.5 hours. It will start with an initial chat where we discuss in more detail the presenting problem, take a brief history and agree the desired outcome. I will then guide you into a relaxed hypnotic state where I will use a range of hypnotic techniques including the powerful RTT techniques to uncover the root causes and to dialogue with the mind in a way that will give you your desired change. During the session I will in the majority of cases also create a personal recording for you to take home that day and listen to for the next 21 days, however occasionally I make the recording the next day dependant on where the sessions goes. Post Session 1 15 minutes follow up call to check in. This will usually be approx 14 days from the session date. Typically, 4 weeks is left between all sessions. Session 2-4 All proceeding sessions will start with a chat about progress and changes felt and seen, re-affirm goal/outcome and discussing new concepts and ideas. I will then guide you into a relaxed hypnotic state where the main part of the therapy and session takes place. You can expect each following session to last approx 1-1.5 hours I will do a personal recording the following day that will be approx 20-25 minutes that you will then be asked to listen to for the following 21 days. Between sessions Whilst the change is initiated and integrated during the actual session, listening to the recordings between sessions is a very important part of the therapy as they really cement in the changes and accelerate your healing and the change you desire. Our mind learns by repetition! I also between sessions 2-3 create some mini videos that introduce you to new practices and rituals that will also help accelerate your desired change and help you to nurture new more empowering beliefs which will drive new more empowering ways of living.

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