Powerful Online Hypnosis Programmes

Improve your life in the comfort of your own home with these powerful online hypnosis programmes. The programmes are designed to take up as little time, and be as low effort as possible. The subconscious mind reprogramming (responsible 95% of our actions) is done for you through the hypnosis recordings, practically in your sleep! The conscious mind is primed by short easily digestible videos. Some videos do have implementation steps, however all are designed to either fit into your current day, or take no more than 5-15 minutes a day.

Price £64.00 (less than a wks cigarettes!)

Tired of smoking? Tried other methods like going cold turkey, patches, tablets, only to start again? Then hypnosis could be the answer for you, like it was for me, and for my 1:1 clients.


This is a new online programme,  I have designed and refined through my work with many 1:1 clients. It’s been created for people who prefer to work solo and/or for those whose budget this fits in better with.


This is an edited extract of a testimonial from one of my 1:1 clients

“The greatest achievement of my life thanks to Corinne’s expertise and passion. I’d tried everything. I just couldn’t kick the habit. Then I talked to Corinne, she made it sound so simple, and in all honestly I didn’t believe her. Corinne’s been there, she shares her own story. After 1 session I’m pleased to say I’m smoke free. It’s been easy. I’ve taken back control of my life (Corinne teaches you how to do this). I’ve even taken the money I’ve saved (it’s a lot) to buy a bike and get fit. Just do it, it’ll change your life!”

(see testimonial page for full version)

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

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Enhance Study And Exam Performance



This programme is designed to help students feel motivated and compelled to study. To help them concentrate and focus when they do. To absorb information and retrieve information faster and easier. To remain calm and confident during exams, and to find it easier to retrieve the answers. This programme will help students enhance their performance.


When the mind is overwhelmed and stressed it is difficult to retain and access information. This programme will also work to prime your mind to remain relaxed, yet alert. It has been proved through scientific research that when we mentally rehearse a situation, going the way we want it to, then we increase our performance significantly. You will also, through this programme mentally rehearse the desired outcome of passing your exams.


Please keep an eye for further products that will launch from April

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