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Death, Glorious Death! Should We Fear It, Or Embrace It?

Many people who report near death experiences (NDE) lose any fear they once had of death. Most experience overwhelming feelings of peace, joy and bliss. They report seeing landscapes so incredibly beautiful, so divine that words cannot describe it. They experience a panoramic life review, feeling the impact of every action, word and thought from their life on themselves and others involved. It reveals where love was given or withheld (isn't this the dance of life?). They realise that everything is energy and we are all connected. Every word we say, every thought we think, every action we take leaves a lasting impression on all souls involved. Time and distance appear not to exist as peoples whole lives come up for instantaneous review. People have talked for hours about their life reviews to researchers even though they may have only been clinically dead (no brain function) for just a few minutes. They speak about a cosmic law in which everything we do to another person will ultimately have an effect on them as well. Whilst this could seem both wonderful and alarming, all cases report no-one feels judged for their actions. There is a level of compassion, understanding and unconditional love that is difficult for us to understand from our limited physical human perspective.

We are bound by the human body. Not in a negative way, but in a way that can limit our full and true understand of our divine nature. A divine nature that those who experience NDE's are presented with so strongly it cannot be denied. A re-awakening of what many people intuitively know death is, a transition to a different state of consciousness. It is not the end, in a way it is actually the beginning. It is where it all started. First we are spirit, life force energy that gives breath (life) to the physical. When you think about it, the whole process of life is a constant process of death and rebirth. How often have you transformed from one state of being to another throughout your physical life so far? Can you not look back on your life and think about certain periods of it and feel like it was another life time ago? I know I can. I know that things I once held as my truth I no longer do, they died, I transformed, my consciousness expanded.

So why fear death when it's so glorious? When it's a time we will understand things from a higher more loving, non judgemental perspective? Some people fear death so much they stop living. I believe a lot of people fear it because they have lost touch with who they truly are. Spiritually speaking many people are bankrupt. They have forgotten they are divine creatures. They are attached to the physical too much and identify too strongly with the illusion of separateness from the planet and other fellow humans (this is massively encouraged by design through the fear and control mongering media and governments). Have so much negative conditioning they cannot sense there own beautiful awareness, or sense that they are infinite consciousness. Energy that cannot ever be destroyed, it can only be transformed. Constantly changing, evolving and growing.

On this earth, with its' duality we always have a choice on how we perceive things. We can look through the lens of fear. Fear the worse, death will be painful, death will part us from our loved ones never to be seen again, death will be the end. Or we can look through the lens of love and faith (and I believe a knowing present inside us all) and choose to trust our feelings that there is more to this incredible existence than what meets the physical eyes. The physical eyes we know that can be so easily deceived. I choose to believe (and our beliefs are ours to choose when we wake up!) we all came here for a reason, to add our own unique energies to the planet, to make our own contributions to our own growth and the growth of the collective. We choose our lives, our bodies, and we already chose when we will be checking out (once our souls lessons are learned) so there is nothing to fear. I embrace how death compels me to want to live my best life (yes I can't deny it, I want an A* from source when I pass!) To be more open hearted with myself and the world. To choose love rather than fear (I don't always get this right but I work on it) Death with the right perspective empowers your life.

Death, sweet death, why do you taste so sweet? When you come for me, will you take me swift? It is I who will repeat, the next time I come, I swear my sweet, to live a life complete! (my attempt at being a poet!)

One book that saw to it I never feared death was "Journey of Souls By Michael Newton" it resonated so deeply with me, I felt a deep knowing that this was my truth and it gave me a lot of strength and acceptance, and a whole new level of compassion for humanity. I made a leap in consciousness when I read this book. Another great book is "Consciousness Beyond Life, The Science of Near Death Experiences By Dr Pim van Lommel"

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Peter Wells
Peter Wells
02 de fev. de 2022

Full of profound understanding. A joy to read

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