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Stop Smoking - Tired of smoking? Tried many ways to stop only to go back? Is hypnosis the answer?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Well, that was me at 28, having started smoking when I was just 12 (who needs clean air right!!). I’d spent the past few years desperately wanting to stop. Now I’d like to say for health reasons but the truth back then for me was much vainer! I’d had enough though, it was expensive (approx. £5k a yr.), it smelt pretty bad (although not as bad as I now realise having got my full sense of smell back) and I had issues with my skin, that I didn’t want to get worse. After trying many methods like patches, medication, cold turkey and finding myself always going back to it time and time again, I started asking myself why? Why would I go back when consciously I knew I wanted to stop, I’d had enough, and physically I was over the addiction. That’s when I realised it was psychological. Psychologically I still identified as a smoker. Now I don’t even fully remember how I came to find hypnosis as a tool to stop smoking. I find when you ask the right questions the universe has a way of delivering you the answer. After 1 session I stopped, and I never looked back.

In fact, having been so impressed with the results, I decided to retrain as a hypnotherapist and started to learn more about the mind. I learned that our subconscious mind which acts as an automatic operating system, housing all of our habitual programmes (and more!) is responsible for 95% of our daily actions (who knew right?!). Our conscious mind for 5%. I suddenly understood why, with will power alone (housed in the conscious), I didn’t manage to go the distance long enough to update my subconscious programmes. I was still identifing as a smoker so my subconscious mind would pull me back in. Smoking was part of my personality and my subconscious wasn’t going to give it up without a fight!

What Is The Role Of Our Subconscious Mind?

Our subconscious mind really only wants to protect us, it does what it thinks is in our best interest. How does it know what is in our best interest? it knows this by what we have told it in the past (consciously or unconsciously). In the past you will have unknowingly persuaded your subconscious mind that it loved smoking, that it wanted to smoke, that it gave you pleasure. It would have met an emotional need (fit in, be cool, rebel). The mind will always work to move you towards pleasure (meeting emotional needs of that time) and away from pain. If you can remember your first cigarette you won’t have enjoyed it, or the second, or the third. It would have taken a few days at least for your mind and body to accept this poison. It’s first reaction would have been to repel it. Remember the coughing on the first few inhales? So, you gave your subconscious mind messages that you wanted to smoke by consistently smoking (the mind learns through repetition) you linked it to pleasurable emotions (having fun with friends, fitting it, rebelling) and eventually it became familiar (mind likes what is familiar, doesn’t like what is unfamiliar) and wham bam your subconscious mind is now your number one cheerleader when it comes to smoking. Your conscious mind is no longer instructing your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is now in-charge of safeguarding the programme you have installed in it (unknowingly). It will fight to keep it running. It will allow you to believe thoughts like “It’s not that bad for you, plenty of people smoke all their lives and live until they are 90,” “It won’t happen to me.” “My actions do not determine what will happen to my body". It will also create a feeling in the body, a need to smoke as the body becomes mind!

Why Is Hypnosis So Powerful To Support Stopping Smoking?

Hypnosis is so powerful because it allows us direct access to the subconscious mind so that we can dialogue directly with it and create a shift in identity to that of a non-smoker. When we have direct access to this part of our mind as we do through hypnosis, the change happens much quicker than with conscious effort alone (will power). Think about when you are dreaming at night, you are in a very deep hypnotic state (theta brain waves - accelerates learning) and your subconscious mind is working, you can experience hours, days, weeks, months, years even in one night, because the subconscious mind is not restricted by time, so when we get direct access, and we give it messages and suggestions of what you want “To love being a non-smoker” it learns this very quickly. Like I said above I had 1 session and I never smoked again. Did I wake up and completely forget about smoking? No, it wasn’t like that, I woke up and I just knew I wouldn’t smoke again, it was like I no longer had that split energy, that battle between the conscious and subconscious. The subconscious was joining the party, was making the shift to being a non-smoker. The first few days I did have to use some will power whilst the suggestions were getting stronger and stronger, but it wasn’t difficult, not like before with the other methods. I knew I was on the right path, and within weeks I never hardly thought about smoking again. I lost nothing from giving up smoking and I gained everything. It felt good to know I’d done it with the power of my own mind rather than replacement methods like patches, gum or medication.

Can I do It Without Hypnosis?

Yes, people stop going cold turkey, they may have a strong enough emotional reason to stop and it carries them through long enough for the subconscious mind to be re-programmed. If however, like me will power alone is proving difficult and you want it to be much easier and quicker (so you don't relapse!) to re-programme the subconscious mind then hypnosis is the answer.

As I mentioned above, I was so impressed with hypnosis as a tool to support lasting change that I retrained in hypnotherapy in 2017, eventually leaving the finance career I’d spent 20 years building to start my own business. Having now worked 1:1 with clients I have created a highly successful online programme “Stop Smoking In 7 Days with This Powerful Hypnosis Course” that is designed to be done in the comfort of your own home. I also like to work from the conscious mind too as this amplifies and accelerates the work we do on a subconscious level. Therefore, you will also find in this online programme some short videos designed to teach you how your mind works and some simple tips/practices you can implement to further support this transition, all for less than 4 days cost of smoking.

If you would like to find out more or purchase this programme you can access it on the below link. Use the discount code STOPNOW to receive 25% discount.

I hope this resonates with the many of you that find yourself where I did 13 years ago. When we smoke it becomes a part of us, literally a part of us. The subconscious mind has the identity and belief “I am a smoker” it then aligns and filters in what supports this belief. But just as it learned to love being a smoker, it can also relearn to love being a non-smoker. It will then align and filter all that supports this new paradigm shift.

Thank you

Corinne (Simple Change Hypnotherapy) Face book @SimpleChangeNow

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