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The Power Of Our Beliefs & How To Upgrade Them

There was a case published in 1995 in The British Medical Journal. It was about a young construction worker who at the end of the day stepped off his ladder onto a board with a nail on it that went right through his boot and foot (picture is from the journal). He was riving around in pain and taken straight to the hospital by his colleagues.

Anytime the doctors tried to move the nail or boot he would scream in agony. They proceed to give him a lot of heavy-duty narcotic painkillers and only then could they pull out the nail and remove the boot. On removing the boot, they found the nail had gone straight between his toes, it hadn’t even left a scratch on his foot! This was one young buff construction worker screaming in agony and not even a scratch!

Does this mean his pain wasn’t real? No, his pain was real, he felt it fully. His belief that the nail had gone through his foot and the belief that would be painful created his pain! This is a great way to demonstrate how our perceptions and beliefs are what are driving how we experience our realities.

We have beliefs and perceptions just about everything. This isn't a bad thing we need them to make sense of our environment quickly. The subconscious mind is like a tape recorder, it’s recorded many beliefs and they just continue to get stronger and stronger as we add more and more experiences to them to validate them.

This is ok if the belief serves you and helps you create the life you desire. But most of us have picked up some if not many limiting and disempowering beliefs about ourselves, like we aren’t good enough, like we can never get a better a job, or relationship, and so we keep ourselves stuck in unhealthy experiences and continue to re-affirm our limited beliefs.

It’s not always easy to change our beliefs, to let go of something we have held onto for so long. We will usually only begin to exam beliefs and look to adjust them when we are feeling emotional discomfort (perhaps it's getting so bad in a relationship or job) and cognitive dissonance (feel mentally stressed because we are acting in a way that doesn't align with our beliefs). BUT all beliefs can be changed, can be adjusted once you start to bring them into your awareness, and actively work to change them.

Start with an area of your life you want to change. Let’s say for simplicity you want to be healthier, reduce your weight, exercise more. Ask yourself what you think about doing this? Do you believe it’s going to be painful? Your just not good at working out? You are too tired, don’t have the time? All of these are limiting beliefs and will limit your success of becoming healthy and fit (these are your subconscious programmes) You may make some progress initially using your will power but then you will fall back into your past programmes / habits. This is because you didn’t change/adjust your beliefs, and your beliefs are in charge ultimately. They ultimately drive our behaviour and the choices we make.

You need to create some empowering beliefs that match your goal and make sure when you talk about health and fitness you talk about it in alignment with your adjusted beliefs, these could be:

I love working out because it makes me feel really energised and healthy

I make sure I prioritise working out because my health is important to me, I love to feel healthy.

I am becoming more energised every time I exercise, and it feels really good

I love the way I feel when I eat healthy foods

I am becoming more skilled at working out and I am feeling much more confident now

Tips: Use emotion when doing affirmations. How does it make you feel? Feeling it will start to anchor it into your subconscious which must be re programmed to change/adjust a belief. Also state it in the presence tense, use words like I am. Affirming you already have it, are it. Not want or will have it as that puts it in the future and we never arrive at the future because it doesn’t really exist! The past, present and future are happening in the NOW and if you continue to affirm the same old thoughts / beliefs as yesterday you will get the same actions.

Think about what people often say when choosing to eat healthy, things like “I’ll have to order the salad because I’m trying to lose weight” This statement not only tells your mind you are being punished (deprived or something / it's painful) but also adds doubt TRY (word of doubt). Your subconscious mind will do everything in its power to get you to eat what you perceive as being pleasurable, so later you will likely binge, or it will be coming somewhere not too far away.

We tend to focus on the pain of making change which is why most people never change and fall back because the mind will always work to move you away from your perceived pain and towards pleasure. So, you need to focus on WHY? What are all the amazing benefits? What amazing things you will gain from your new healthy habits / lifestyle and affirm it like you already have it. This will start to rewire your programmes in relation to exercise and health, and unless you do this you will continue on a merry go round.

At first it will feel like you are lying to yourself, it does not matter. The mind doesn’t know what is real or imaged as was also demonstrated in the case study above. It’s also likes what's familiar. So you need to make your new positive beliefs around what you want familiar by focussing on them and not focussing on what you used to belief (which will never get you to your goal, it's a limit to your goal). Keep going an eventually you will start to feel it as your truth. You know you have shifted your beliefs when this happens. All of a sudden you have a new identity, one that tells you, you are a healthy fit person, and you love doing what health fit people do, eating well and exercising to nourish their amazing bodies and get the best out of life

The above way can be a little tough at first because it takes conscious effort and some time to update the automatic programmes, but it’s critical, even when using the below way, I am going to show you, because we must become conscious that our words and statements are creating and reenforcing beliefs, and beliefs drive our behaviours.

A faster way and the most powerful way to re-programme your subconscious mind is through hypnosis, because hypnosis give us direct access to the subconscious mind. Hypnosis lowers our brain wave frequencies to that of theta state which is the consciousness state most powerful for programming the subconscious. Self-hypnosis is simple and if done just as you are ready to go to sleep you are already naturally moving into the theta brain wave state.

Watch this short video on how to create a really simple and easy self-hypnosis recording to give yourself some simple new empowering suggestions to start powerfully updating your subconscious mind.

If you would like to work one on one with me you can check out my website for more information. Thank you Corinne

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