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What Is The Divine Feminine Energy & Why Is It So Important To Us & The Planet?

What are our divine feminine and masculine energies and why are they important to our own wellbeing and that of the planet?

Well firstly it's important to know that both males and females hold both of these energies within. It is the yin and yang of our spirit. However, women tend to be more comfortable with their divine masculine energy, whereas men from a young age were taught to suppress their divine feminine energies, often being made to feel ashamed of this natural part of them, made to feel it was a sign of weakness (stop being so sensitive, boys don't cry!). In turn due to the imbalanced nature of the world we have been living in for thousands of years under the patriarchy women learned also to start suppressing their feminine energy to be able to survive in a man's world of business and politics. How many times have you heard a woman say I'm JUST a stay at home mum? Collectively have we made it feel shameful to do the most important job on the planet, raise your children in the years when they are so malleable and susceptible to their environment?

This imbalance of energies in the world can be seen through the sheer destruction of people, animals and the planet. We have become so disconnected from our true incredible nature through the suppression of the divine feminine, and the inflation of the distorted masculine (I say distorted because that's what happens when it's not balanced with the feminine, it becomes all about power, control and greed). That we think it acceptable and normal to brutally kill, torture and abuse people, animals and the planet.

So, what does the divine feminine energy represent? It's beautiful, it's creation itself. Life! We've all heard the phrase Mother Nature. It represents our innate spiritual senses like intuition and empathy. Its related to the subconscious realm, therefore her power is nonaggressive, she does not use force, she magnetises what is needed through holding a thought and an image in her mind. It is the receiver (DF) vs giver energy (DM) the beingness vs doing, When the divine feminine in a woman receives the seed from the divine masculine, she nurtures this into a conscious being and births it into creation. To ignore this part of us, to suppress it, to devalue it is to devalue life itself, and hence we see this everywhere in our 3D reality.

I want to be clear as a woman, this is not to put down men, or think women are the saviours to the planet (well maybe!!). I love men (well not all I know thats greedy and I'm conscious of my distorted masculine energy!). I know many amazing men who are not in their distorted divine masculine energy and I have met women who are in that distorted masculine energy. Also, I strongly believe in reincarnation, and we reincarnate as both men and women (yikes!) so we have all collectively contributed to where the earth is today. And bigger than that we all come from the same fabric (source of all that is, has been and ever will be). Perhaps we were always meant to go through this cycle. It's certainly a possibility for our evolution and learning as souls. However, we can no longer continue along this trajectory.

So how do we change the trajectory? One critical way is to start appreciating and cultivating the divine feminine energy in ourselves and in others. Recognising that divine masculine energy is in its most powerful when it works in sync with the divine feminine not in opposition to it. If we have children, (or are responsible for them in any way like school) we can encourage our boys and girls to show and express emotion rather than making them feel ashamed of it. Rather than having them repress it (this causes childhood trauma and a disconnection from self and often leads to addictions, depression, illness, suicide). This can be tough for us adults because we also generally have been taught to repress our emotions and to please another. It's a karmic pattern handed down, but karma can be resolved, and the negative cycle stopped. It's a great opportunity to work on spiritual development to reconnect with self and learn how to express emotions, and at the same time teach your children. It will be an investment of time and energy that will reap rewards in so many directions and help change the trajectory of our children lives and the planet.

How many adults do you know that cannot express or show emotion? We become so disconnected from ourselves through indoctrination through culture, society, religion and the education system, but we can take back our power by learning who we truly are. Not just blindly accepting the manipulations feed to us that we hardly ever question (question everything the mainstream tell you I learnt this in Jan 2020). We can encourage our children to enjoy their imaginations. It's our superpower to create. We suppress this so much in children through our heavily intellectual approach to learning. The imagination is where creation comes from (first there is an idea an image.. then it can become manifest!). We can teach them about intuition (this is not valued as a sense yet it's our connection to our divine guidance and a much more fulfilling, purposeful life). Our innate sense of knowingness (internal compass). Encourage them to look within and find what brings them joy and passion and to follow that rather than send them into a system that churns out stressed, ill, disconnected, lost beings.

Did you know that suicide amongst children and young adults 5-34 is the leading cause of death? So sad. This can change though through reconnection internally. We can limit their screen time (these things are made to be addictive) and get them out into nature. Start teaching them that they are a part of nature, intrinsically connected, and it not only heals them, it replenishes and recharges them, it allows them to get inspired intuitive visions and knowings. It helps connect us to our own souls (do they even know they have a soul?) To a greater purpose in life other than just constantly chasing material goods which is the western practice currently which is slowly destroying everyone's self-worth. The constant images in my late teens of women with boob jobs and the mainstream idea (PR, Marketing) that this was normal and actually made you more or an acceptable / attractive women led me to much angst as a teen. I felt inadequate compared to the images. I felt I wasn't as much a woman because my boobs were not like that (it's butts now for the new generation, what next?). I came very close to mutilating my body to fit in. Thankfully I listened to my intuition as I know now as I have learned to love myself more it would have been a massive mistake. I knew many friends who had it done and regretted it, they never needed it, but it wasn't about need we were conditioned as teens to believe we did otherwise we didn't measure up, weren't good enough, we were brain washed by the corporate machine due to the greed of the distorted masculine energy.

We can teach them the value of slowing down and enjoying, receiving, in just being. We should also do this for us too. That is the beauty as we teach ourselves the real riches of ourselves and the universe we were somewhat denied growing up, we at the same time teach our children a new way to be in the world.

I dream of a new way. A new vision. Where all life, people, animals and the planet are valued and held as scared and where we look for ways to work with each other in harmony that supports and benefits all life. And by incorporating the sacred gifts of the divine feminine in us we can start to make this shift, start to bring more balance to ourselves and the earth. The world is a reflection of our collective inner worlds, so we have to do the work on ourselves. I believe in time we will move into a new earth. This is discussed much by Dolores Cannon who conducted 1000's of regressions with subjects and received information about the earth. She talks of a splitting of the earth (not physically) some people perhaps get left behind (they will catchup eventually) as they stay attached to the 3D vibrations of anger, power, greed and fear, whilst others wake up and choose the 4D reality, one supported by courage, love, acceptance and understanding. I do not know how this will playout. Will those that remain attached to the lower energies not wanting to heal, grow and expand into the higher vibrations leave the planet early through illness etc? Possibly. But no-one is left behind in the true sense, because we are all on the same journey to spiritual enlightenment, to know ourselves, our true divine nature.

The divine feminine energy in us has the power and the grace to guide us there, worked in balance with the truly beautiful energies of the divine masculine (strength, giver, doer, protector), and by balance it's not 50/50. A great metaphor was used to demonstrate this, if we you have a pair of scales with the same weight on each end then you get no movement, it's static, stuck. We want movement. We want the energies to dance together in an upward spiral, the spiral of life. If we have more divine masculine in us then we should look to incorporate 1/3 (30% approx) divine feminine, and vice versa. Then when you put together a divine feminine dominant and divine masculine dominant then it creates the perfect infinity loop and harmony, where one encourages and supports the other to grow together. The proportionality 1/3 vs 2/3's comes from the patterns found in nature.

I hope this gives some food for thought, and a different way to look at ourselves. We are all energy, the whole cosmos is energy and it's these energies that create life and bind us all together. When we start seeing ourselves this way, we start to understand ourselves and the planet deeper and this in itself leads to awareness and positive change.

The image is from duck duck go internet search images of Isis a divine feminine goddess. goddess of Magic from Egypt, back in ancient times when women were revered as sacred just as men were. This captivating image is by MaMze95 on Deviant Art.

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