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" The greatest achievement of my life, thanks to Corinne’s expertise and passion. I loved smoking, not just the actual cigarette, but everything about it. I classed myself as a proper smoker, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. In my head it was sociable and was part of who I am, but I knew what it was doing to me. I tried everything and when it failed I made excuses. At one point I was smoking and vaping at the same time, I just couldn’t kick the habit. I then talked to Corinne, she made it sound so simple and in all honesty I didn’t believe her. Corinne’s been there, she shares her own story, so she knows exactly what we’re going through and how difficult it can be. After one session, I’m pleased to say I’m smoke free. It’s been easy. I’ve taken back control of my life (Corinne teaches you how to do this) I’ve even used the money I’ve saved (it’s a lot) to buy a bike and get fit. Corinne makes you feel at ease and gives the treatment everything, (the biggest thing for me was that Corinne believed in me) guiding you through every stage of the process. I couldn’t thank or recommend Corinne enough. Just do it, it’ll                                                              change your life."          

                                                        Aidy, Slough

As soon as we began our session, I was immediately put at ease. I was a little nervous at first doing the session over zoom but within 2 minutes I felt safe and in good hands. Corinne has a really unique ability in that she made me feel like she really understood me and my issue. We worked on a habit that I have had for years and she helped me unearth the root of the issue. I was VERY emotional and had an intense emotional release. I felt phenomenal afterwards. Corinne gave me the space to really understand my problem and on top of that she cured me!! I could not believe how powerful our session was, the recording she gave me was amazing and I am still listening to it well over the initially 21 day period because I just love the words she used and her soothing and calming voice. She knew exactly what I needed to hear. I am eternally grateful that I met Corinne, she has really changed my life and uncovered some issues I had. If you have any issues do not hesitate to contact her, you will not be disappointed.

Frankie, London 

"I went to visit Corinne with absolutely no expectations from the hypnotherapy sessions but after them my life changed, and without having to do anything much but turn up and relax! I cannot thank Corinne enough for her help. She has turned my routinely habitual negative thoughts into ones of positivity and forward thinking. Corinne is professional at all times, compassionate to her clients and is an excellent listener." 

Karen, Halifax

"Firstly it's important to say that Corinne has changed my life, for which I will be forever grateful!

Throughout my life I have had a fair share of mistreatment both mentally and physically which lead to many issue, starting with me believing I was worthless, a disappointment to others, and destined for nothing. I let people push me around and to protect those I cared about I kept the suffering to myself. As the years went by the bullying and abuse got worse and pushed me then into a pattern of depression and anxiety.


One day during sixth form, sat alone as I often did I dropped to the ground and started fitting. I now suffered from non epileptic attack disorder which is essentially the brain going into survival mode as I just couldn't take anymore. If I felt threatened in any way I would fit, naturally the depression came which lead to more seizures. I found myself in a vicious circle. Living for years with this illness, seeing doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, you name it, trying anti depressants, medication for anxiety, nothing worked. I was told I just had to live with it and discharged for any hospital care. It got to a point where I was ready to take my own life, and then I found Corinne.

At first I was apprehensive, given nothing had worked before but I had nothing to lose so I threw myself into the sessions whole heartedly and committed to the programme. Amazingly after the first session with my subconscious being told it was ok and safe to be me I somehow felt lighter. The second session which I have to admit was one of the most powerful moments of my life, I felt a huge shift in my centre and beliefs. A few more sessions and a few more recordings later, I am happy to say I am still seizure free (started Jan 2020, last session May 2020). The burden I once carried from other peoples actions and the negative thoughts they had given me I was finally able to give them up, they were transformed. 


Corinne changed my life, made me see the negative experiences I had were not my fault and not something I could have stopped as a child but rather a reflection of those who inflicted the pain and upset. Those I used to despise I now feel sorry for, for living their lives in such negativity. I now choose to see life for what it is, beautiful and what you make it.


After those sessions I pushed for a promotion (which I got!) and started professional qualifications to propel my career. I would have never had the courage and confidence to do this before.

I can never thank and recommend Corinne enough. I will be forever grateful."   

Kim, Bradford


"I first approached Corinne when, after years of being in denial, I finally faced up to the fact that I had a severe problem with alcohol. At the time I was drinking a bottle of wine every night during the week and even more at the weekends which was having a very negative impact on my physical and mental health, my personal relationships and also my financial situation.


When I first spoke to Corinne, she immediately reassured me that she could help me with my drink problem and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders as I realised I had found someone who could help and support me. In our first consultation, Corinne went through my history to try to discover what had triggered my habit which was a difficult process for me, but at all times she was sympathetic and supportive and made me feel totally at ease.


I then went for a number of hypnotherapy sessions with Corinne. I had never been for any therapy sessions before and was initially very anxious about what to expect, but Corinne was brilliant and immediately put me at ease and I ended up really enjoying the sessions. She helped me work my way through the problem by training my mind to see a new better way to run my life, rather than always be a slave to the drink. I still use some of the techniques that Corinne taught me, to deal with other situations that I have to face, as they can be a very powerful tool in changing the way my mind is working.


By the end of the sessions I had totally stopped drinking and didn’t have any alcohol at all for two months. Now, I enjoy an occasional drink, but I am now totally in control of the alcohol and can enjoy it instead of it being the other way round with the alcohol controlling me. I feel much more confident, my physical and mental health has improved markedly, my personal relationships have become much stronger and I have saved a significant amount of money.


Corinne is a very kind and caring person and she is passionate about her hypnotherapy and thrives on helping people overcome their issues. She is undoubtedly the most positive thinking person I have ever met and always tries to find solutions to problems in the most practical way. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a hypnotherapist."


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