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Stop Smoking - 7 Day Hypnosis Programme (Online)

I've Helped 94% Of My Clients Stop Smoking -For Good!

Do you want to stop smoking? Have you tried other methods only to start again? What if I told you the power to stop easily lies within your subconscious mind, and in just 7 days you can stop smoking, practically in your sleep!

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist

Want To Know More?

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist

My name is Corinne Henderson and I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist with a passion for supporting clients to stop smoking - forever. I had the same struggle as you. Quitting then going back time after time. I was so sick of it and started wondering if I’d ever manage to stop; then I found hypnosis! I was so impressed with the results that I actually retrained and completely changed my career, after 22 years in Finance. 

I have now worked with many clients to help them achieve their goal of stopping smoking for good, and I’m excited I can now help more through my unique and life-changing online Stop Smoking Hypnosis Programme.

You can stop smoking in just 7 days with this powerful hypnosis programme!
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Delivered online with video recordings
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"OMG not a simple change it has been life changing. I have tried everything to stop smoking and at last, I have done it, cannot recommend Corinne enough" Caroline Warden, UK

"I was a smoker and to be fair sceptical of hypnosis. But wow Corinne and simple change have changed my life. Stopped smoking and would definitely recommend. Thank you"

Chris Watson, UK

"This lady is fantastic. I have smoked for many years never been able to stop but she changed my way of habit. So far, I have done over a year with nothing. She’s so calming and professional. I highly recommend Simply change for this and I reckon anything else her services provided are fantastic to. Very happy with my smoke free life. I have left the review late to see if I could stop and I wouldn't ever touch a horrible cigarette again and that's down to Simply change. Thanks very much"

Paul Sild, UK

How does the stop smoking hypnosis programme work?

This programme is simple and low effort, giving you the key knowledge and tools that ensure your desired outcome is achieved – to stop smoking for good! The main tool is the hypnosis tracks which you listen to as you go to sleep at night!


Introduction To The Programme

This section is less than 30 minutes and covers:

>Learn how to use and get the best out of the programme

>Learn how hypnosis works

>Hypnosis track one - lay foundations and prime mind for success 

Module 1 – Transitioning The Mind To Love Being A Non-Smoker

This section we will be re-programming your conscious and subconscious mind to love being a non-smoker through a process called neuroplasticity. This will include:

>Listening to hypnosis tracks. One each night (6 nights)

>Watching 6 short videos 


By the end of this section, you will be primed and ready for success!


Module 2 – The Final Step To Being A Happy Non-Smoker

In this section, you listen to the final hypnosis track and you wake up a happy non-smoker! This track is designed to continually listen to for up to 21 days after you stop. You will enjoy listening and a side effect is better sleep!

Bonus Section

Here you will get access to 3 bonus tracks plus a new practice that will revolutionise you life. These include; 

>Optimising health - supports clearing out toxins 

>Motivation for exercise – if you choose to refocus on health but need a little motivation

>Reduce and manage stress – stress is a leading cause of illness, so everyone can benefit from this!

>28-day gratitude challenge – This will change your life

Savings From Stopping Smoking
94% client success rate.png

What is hypnosis? –  Hypnosis is simply a tool used to relax the mind, naturally slowing down  brain waves to move you into a different state of consciousness that allows direct access to the part of the mind we must re-programme to have lasting change, the subconscious mind. This is the most powerful part of the mind. It drives 95% of what we do each day - who knew right! It holds all our memories, beliefs, learned behaviours, and habitual programmes. 


Can anyone be hypnotised? – Absolutely yes! It’s a completely natural state that we all experience during different times in the day. When daydreaming, absorbed in a good book or movie, you are experiencing a light hypnotic state, and when going to sleep and dreaming you are experiencing a deep hypnotic state. 


Can you make me do something I don’t want to do? No. Firstly it would be unethical, and my business wouldn’t last very long. Secondly, if I gave you suggestions of something that went against your inner beliefs/morals, and wasn’t what you came for help with, you would reject it and very quickly come back to waking conscious awareness.  


Is it safe?  – Yes, it’s completely safe and natural. The only contradiction to this is for anyone who is diagnosed with psychosis or epilepsy, you should first speak to your doctor. 

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Frequently
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