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My Top 10 Tips to Manage, Reduce & Clear #Anxiety !

Having seen an influx of clients suffering with anxiety I wanted to share some simple tips to reduce it, manage or even completely clear anxiety. 😲Deep Breathing - A few minutes throughout your day and you can reduce anxiety by up to 40% (if not more!)

👀Be Aware of Your Consumption – Turn off the news (or limit it). Ask yourself what TV shows, documentaries are you watching? Reading? What are you consuming in your mind? Do these make you feel good? If not stop and see how quickly this helps you reduce anxiety 🧐Be A Thought Detective - Notice what thoughts you think right before, of if it just seems to come over you right after. Thoughts keep you locked into anxiety. Challenge them. Are they real? Usually they are not. You have to become aware (conscious) of them so you can challenge and replace them with balanced thoughts. It takes effort at first but it’s worth it. Reality is a reflection of our beliefs and our beliefs are our habitual thoughts. 😤Choose Your Words - Become conscious of never saying MY anxiety, this is claiming it (remember as a child, it's mine hands off!) It's telling your subconscious mind you want it, it's yours and no one can take it away from you. Your subconscious mind will obey this. Call it THE anxiety, it's here to give you a message that something needs to change 🤔Ask What Is This Telling Me? - You need to work out what it is trying to communicate to you. Where in your life are you out of balance? Overworking? Overindulging? Overthinking harsh critical thoughts about yourself? 🙏Thank THE Anxiety - When experiencing THE anxiety close your eyes (if you can) say out loud/ in your mind. Thank you anxiety for communicate with me, what do I need to adjust? What is your purpose? and listen. It may feel silly at first because we have not been taught to listen to our bodies (only to medicate!) The answers are within. We can discern with a little practice what needs to change if unsure. You may have to be a little patient doing this at first 🌳Get Outside - in nature every single day. 20 minutes at least. We need sunlight to thrive and for #health and #wellbeing. (Natural anti-depressant with no side effects) 👩‍❤️‍👨 Shift Focus - Do something nice for someone, think what can I do, who can I call? Just offer something nice into the world, it will flip the energy quickly. 🏃‍♂️Exercising – Exercise, dance, play sports. Exercising helps you to move out of the mind (where anxiety is created and fed) and into the body. Exercise is a form of meditation 🧠#Hypnosis & Meditation – both powerful tools to release and heal anxiety. Re-programming the subconscious is a must for permanent change. There is nothing I know of that is simpler and faster at this than hypnosis. I have created a unique programme that works both with the mind but also goes beyond the mind and reconnects you back to the true self. The true self that is your true source of power, peace, healing and authenticity.

For a free consultation to discuss how #hypnotherapy can help you. Please email or call: or call 07552922330

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