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Past Life Regressions Can Heal & Provide Insight And Wisdom Into Your Current Life's Experiences

Reincarnation has been known about since the beginning of time on earth, talked about in ancient scriptures, is at the heart of some religions like Hinduism and Buddhism (purposely removed from Western Religion).

There are mountains of robust scientific evidence particular around child past life recall (Dr Ian Stevenson). Many past life regressions, near death experiences, individual remembrance, dreams and channellings. Whilst it's removed from the mainstream in our Western culture (I believe due to scientific and religious dogma) many people in the West still resonate deeply with the concept of past lives / reincarnation. It's a deep knowing inside many of us that we have been here before, met certain people before, been to certain places, are attracted to parts of history very intensely we feel perhaps we have experienced a life there.

Experiencing a past life regression can be a very healing experience. It can provide great insight and wisdom into your current life's challenges / themes. It can show you who in your current life is a part of your primary soul group (souls you often incarnate with and play different roles in each other's lives). You can receive guidance and advice from your guides and sprit team and in some cases speak to loved ones that have passed over.

The last past life I did my client said afterwards she felt so peaceful, a peace she has never felt and at the same time felt completely elated. It helped her to heal wounds of much betrayal she had experienced in this current life.

If you are curious about your lessons in this life, if you are looking for some insight and guidance from your guides, if you have an illness, fear of phobia that the medical profession, or therapy so far hasn't helped you to overcome, then a past life regression could be for you.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist, and whilst I do not solely focus on past life regressions, this area of my work is my true passion. I came to study and research past lives around 20 years ago in my early 20's when I was seeking something more about the nature of reality than I had been taught. This led me to some incredible pioneers in this field like Michael Newton Ph.D. Master Hypnotherapist (Founder of Life Between Lives Therapy) and Brian Weiss M.D Psychiatrist & Hypnotherapist (Yale Medical School). A quick google and you will find some incredible books published by both of them all worth reading.

If you would like to experience one of your own and are local to me as currently I do these face to face only (Brighouse, UK) please visit my website I would love to discuss this further with you and assist you on this special personal journey. Thank you, Corinne

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